Desiccant Air Dryers

We can supply you with a complete range of desiccant air dryers and rotary drum dryers for all your industrial applications. You too can enjoy optimal productivity, efficiency and protection of your process systems. Rotary drum dryers provide the ultimate in energy efficiency, while twin tower dryers supply extremely low dew points. We supply a wide range of desiccant air dryers for a broad variety of industries and applications with dew points ranging from -20°C to -70°C.

Desiccant air dryer range

  • Desiccant air dryers AD BD CD
  • Rotary drum dryers MDG & MD & ND
  • Desiccant air dryers BD+ CD+ XD+
  • CD⁺ with Cerades

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How a desiccant air dryer works

  • Wet air passes directly through the desiccant medium which adsorbs the moisture
  • The desiccant medium has a finite capacity for adsorbing moisture before it must be dried out, or regenerated
  • To do this, the tower containing saturated desiccant medium is depressurized and the accumulated water is driven off

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