Air Compressor Installation Services

Industrial Air Systems provides complete air compressor installations in Sydney.

Our experts take care of air compressor installations from concept to completion. We help you gain the knowledge of what specifications your air compressor needs to meet the requirements of your industrial or commercial processes, with honest advice and professional recommendations.

Then after approving a solution, we design a plan, supply the components, and take on the entire project management of its installation. So that you are left with the best energy efficient and high performing solution for your business.

Complete Project Management

We take every air compressor installation job seriously as a unique project. We understand that every company has unique goals and requirements to really set it apart. That’s why we combine our experience and deep understanding to create a plan of action that’s tailored to your business.

Our professional team of experts accomplish this with each new project, through a readily tried and tested process:

1. Consultation: We start with a proper consultation to ask questions, inspect your site, and learn your EOM’s requirements. Our experts give you proper and honest advice about these specifications.
2. Design: After learning what your project requires, our team gets busy in the process of design. We custom design an air compressor system suitable for your business, along with a plan for its installation.
3. Equipment Supplies: Our company will supply quality brand products from trusted manufacturers in the industry for your air compressors which will be delivered and handled with care.
4. Installation: At this stage, we will schedule and look after completing your air compressor installation. Our technicians, electricians, and refrigeration mechanics take utmost care in ensuring a proper installation, so that you get the most out of your machinery.
5. Preventative Maintenance and Repairs: At the end of the installation, our specialists continue to look after your air compressor requirements with our services. We work with you to create a preventive maintenance plan to ensure your air compressor is kept in best condition. You also have our support with back up repair services and 24/7 emergency assistance.

Tailored to Your Applications

Oil Injected

General Manufacturing
Our installers are able to assist with a range of oil injected air compressor installations that are suited for general purpose manufacturing. When reliable compressed air is important, these compressors provide a robust and reliable workhorse to power up your business.

Oil Free

Air compressors have a prime position in the automotive industry to inflate tyres, ensure a high level of quality in paint finishes, and maintain smooth-running processes. Oil free air compressors also ensures a healthier environment and breathing space in vehicles for consumers.

Food & Beverage
Compressed air is used in various applications in the food and beverage industry to process edible products. Our team has assisted clients in this industry with oil free compressors. Food grade and oil free compressors help ensure healthier, industry compliant production.

Oil free air compressors help maintain a higher level of product purity, with cleaner and more efficient processes. It also helps ensure less waste and increased safety throughout the process, as well as a reduced impact on the environment.

We can also assist you with air compressor solutions for electronics and components crucial to the energy sector. These products require uninterrupted control systems and prime clean conditions to ensure a high-quality product.

Oil & Gas
Air compressors are used in the oil and gas industry to create pressure to transport gas through the pipelines, as well as pressure to lift out oil. We can ensure your operations include an air compressor installation that ensures hassle-free controls, processes, and greater safety.

Compressed air can assist with a more efficient production, resulting in improvements in textile quality and assisting with reduced wastage. Our technicians provide proper air compressor installations suited to the textiles industry that will improve your end products. It also means that you can spend less on repair and maintenance costs in your factory processes.

Oil free air compressor installations help pharmaceutical manufacturers produce pure products with a reduced contamination risk. We can assist pharmaceutical clients with solutions that ensure more efficient processes, decreased waste and higher quality products.

Air Compressor Installations from the Experts

Our team of technicians, electricians, and refrigeration mechanics have completed numerous air compressor installations that have successfully delivered on the requirements of our clients across St Marys and surrounding suburbs of Sydney.

Contact us now for a free quote on an air compressor installation tailored to your business!