Central Control Systems

Optimise your required air flow with a central control systems unit. A tighter pressure band will stabilise your system and lower your energy costs. We supply the Optimizer 4.0, the latest central controller from Atlas Copco. This links all your compressors and dryers together and lowers the overall pressure band. Stable pressure contributes to a better production quality. Optimizer 4.0 will select the best machine combination to deliver the required air output in the most energy efficient way. Benefit from efficient compressor room control and optimise your energy consumption.

Effects of running multiple compressors without a central controller.

  • With our central controllers, the load/unload pressure of each compressor can be set to react to changes in air demand.
  • If the system pressure drops, an additional compressor will switch to loaded running.
  • However, the sequence will always be the same, and the advantages of a Variable Speed Drive are not fully put to use.
  • The result is that the pressures are much higher than required, too much unloaded running and a steep energy bill for your operations.

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Load distribution of compressors

  • The Optimizer 4.0 central controller unit can be set to prevent unequal wear of compressors, equalising the running hours on multiple machines for more efficient service scheduling. For more information regarding this product, contact Industrial Air Systems today.

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