Complete Compressed Air Dryer Services

Decrease downtime with your industrial air dryers, with a maintenance plan and emergency care that keeps your business running. Industrial Air Systems provides all the services you need to ensure your air dryers and other components of your pneumatic machinery stay in optimum operation. With preventative maintenance plans, emergency plans, surveying and fast repairs.

We have the solutions and the full team to undertake them with skilled technicians, electricians, and refrigeration mechanics. With reliable services guaranteed 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Get Industrial Air Systems’ Assistance with –

  • Preventative Maintenance Plans
  • 24/7 Emergency Air Dryer Repairs
  • Energy Efficiency Surveying

Preventative Plans for Industrial Air Dryers

Regularly scheduled maintenance that takes care of your machines

Our experts at Industrial Air Systems work with our clients to regularly schedule servicing for their air dryers and compressed air systems to provide the optimal care for their equipment. Each compressed air dryer’s requirements will run differently based on the air compressor, applications, level of usage and the age of the machine. Our specialists undertake this task with care, by giving you a fully detailed plan of action tailored to your machines’ requirements.

When it comes to looking after your industrial air dryers, timely expert care makes all the difference. By addressing wear and tear in the early stages we can stop damages or drops in efficiency from progressing even further. These plans have helped clients ensure minimal downtime, reduced wear and tear, and achieve best performance out of their air dryers.

24/7 Emergency Air Dryer Repairs

Fast and adept service to get you back on your feet

When breakdowns happen or the output of compressed air becomes irregular, there’s no need to sweat it. Our technicians are fast on the scene. You can call us, and we will quickly assist you whenever an incident occurs or if you have doubts about whether you can safely operate your machinery. Our team will survey your industrial air dryers and diagnose the issues, before using our skills and expertise to resolve problem.

With a fully equipped workshop, a fleet of vans, and excellent team, we are always able to help clients with our 24-hour back up service. As your partner in industry, we know how important it is to get back as fast as possible onto your feet. So, you can rest easy once you’ve put in a call.

Energy Efficiency Surveying

Better performance that costs you less

Another service that has served our clients in Sydney well focuses on energy optimisation. You can call our technicians to audit your compressed air dryers for a full report.

Our experts can also assist you with technological changes that help your plant facility operate more efficiently.

  • Optimizer 4.0 – A Central Control System that link all your compressors and dryers together in one control panel. The result is an effective way to manage pressure in your systems to react to your changing air demands. Ensuring less strain on your machinery by equalising wear and tear across all your equipment.
  • VSD – Variable Speed Drives are an innovative feature of Atlas Copco industrial air technology that adjusts the speed of your air compressor to suit your applications, which is a solution that really helps you cut energy costs and save. Air compressors and air dryers are both available with VSD technology.
  • Optimizer 4.0 + VSD – Combining VSD technology with the Optimizer 4.0 in many cases helps businesses get the best out of their machinery, with complete and centralised control.

Benefits of Regular Servicing

The difference of expert assistance and care

  • Reduce energy wastage
  • Lower environmental impact
  • Less downtime from breakdowns
  • Longer equipment life expectancy
  • Full-service reports to ensure best performance
  • Quality service when your compressed air machinery needs it
  • Grade A replacement parts

Are you looking for servicing for your compressed air dryers in Western Sydney? Get the assurance of professional assistance for your compressed air dryers with services from the experts. If you ever have an emergency breakdown or need a new air-drying solution for your workplace in Western Sydney, you can be certain that we will be delighted to assist you. For a FREE quote on our services, please call us at 0490 383 616!

What's normally done during servicing of your compressed air equipment?

This is what you can normally expect to happen when we service your compressed air equipment. This will sometimes vary according to different sites and different equipiment but generally is a good indication of what happens during servicing. We recommend most machines to have a CI Service every 3 months, but this recommendation will also vary according to site conditions and equipment use patterns.

Air compressors:

Regular CI (Clean, Inspect) Service:

  • Check and tighten belts as required
  • Check filter panel – clean as required
  • Check oil levels and top up oil as required
  • Check cooler condition – clean as required
  • Check suction air filter – clean as required
  • Check for oil leaks
  • Check oil collector for moisture
  • Check for correct operation of fans
  • Visually check electrical cubicle and components
  • Test for correct operation
  • Check running hours of machine and arrange required servicing of machine
  • Check air dryer for correct operation
  • Check auto drain operation
  • Check general condition of machine
  • Check electrics
  • Complete a report

Regular FL (Filter, Lubricant) Service:

Includes all items in the CI Service PLUS:

  • Replace air filters
  • Replace oil filters
  • Drain and replace oil
  • Grease main drive motor where applicable

Regular FLSEP (Filter, Lubricant, Separator)


  • Includes all items in the CI and FL Services PLUS:
  • Replace oil / air separator element

Air dryers:

Regular CI (Clean, Inspect) Service:

  • Check and clean condensers
  • Check for oil leaks
  • Check for refrigerant leaks
  • Check pressure switches for correct operation
  • Check for correct operation and good condition of fans
  • Check electrical cubicle and components
  • Tighten electrical connections
  • Test for correct operation and temperatures
  • Check auto drain operation
  • Check general condition of machine
  • Complete operation checks and checklists
  • Complete a report