Smart Compressed Air Dryer Solutions in Penrith

Get the answer to the best air-drying solutions for your compressed air systems in Penrith with Industrial Air Systems.

Dry pressurised air is the blood of the pneumatic systems for your industry. That’s why it’s essential – for your production schedule, product quality and work-related costs – that you attain the best. Our specialists are chiefly placed to help OEMs and other businesses with the expertise to recommend the most suitable solution for your bottom line. With energy efficiency, safety, and prime performance as our goals.

It is why Industrial Air Systems has fast been becoming the most trusted name when it comes to compressed air dryer sales, installations, and other services in Penrith. As a team dedicated to providing solutions that help our clients better save on their energy use and reduce their environmental impact, we’re also happy to assist with your requirements too.

Why Compressed Air Dryers Play an Important Role

Whenever there is an air compressor in a system, a compressed air dryer installation is essential too. Air dryers help protect the infrastructure you have invested in, by protecting your equipment from premature failure and corrosion. In many industries, dryers are also a critical part of ensuring a high level of purity in the end packaged product.

We can assist you with Compressed Air Dryers in Penrith for:

  • Energy Efficiency – Our technicians specialise in creating smart energy saving solutions for our clients. With appropriately sized air dryers, innovative features in our products and comprehensive audits, you can rely on our team to give you advice that helps you save.
  • Greater Air Quality – Ensuring a high level of air purity is essential in certain applications and industries. If you are dealing with metal finishing, food and beverage, or pharmaceuticals, our specialists can assist you with air dryers that effectively reduce contaminants.
  • Low Dew Points – We can also help you meet requirements in moisture, with solutions for both high and low dew points in the resulting compressed air. Desiccant air dryers thoroughly dry air, and our technicians can assist you with further defining a recommendation based on your exact moisture requirements.
  • Innovative VSD – ‘Variable Speed Drive’ technology is an impressive feature in some of the Atlas Copco compressed air dryers we offer, providing world leading efficiency in operation.
  • Preventative maintenance care – We schedule thorough maintenance plans for our clients’ compressed air dryers in Penrith, which assists in diminishing downtime and stopping emerging wear and tear in its tracks.
  • Back up assistance – Our technicians are also quickly on the scene when you need repairs for your compressed air dryers in Penrith. Thereby, letting you get production back going at speed again, ASAP.

Types of Compressed Air Dryers

Desiccant Air Dryers
Prime Performance for ultra-dry air.

When compressed air needs to meet greater requirements of dryness for your industrial or commercial applications, desiccant dryers are the ideal solution. Operating through desiccant or absorbent material, these dryers absorb moisture effectively through one or two tanks. Then heat or air is used to loosen and drain the liquid away. This is a must install investment for food & beverage, medical and metal work industries.

Refrigerated Air Dryers
Efficient Drying for Greater Savings

Refrigerated air dryers empower most pneumatic valves, accentuators and pneumatic hand tools. They also provide an apt solution for a great range of industry use. These popular compressed air dryers in Penrith work by using cooling temperatures to condense liquid in the area, before collecting and discharging it through a water trap.

Find out more about how our experts can help you with the best compressed air dryer solution in Penrith for your business. Our team of technicians, electricians and refrigeration mechanics will assist you in the best way possible for satisfying results for your production line. Get in touch by calling us on 0409 383 616 today or email