Compressed Air Dryers Blacktown

Without ensuring dry air in your compressed air systems, your business’s machinery is open to earlier break down, increased downtimes and contaminated products.

Industrial Air Systems offers all the services to provide you with suitable compressed air dryers for your system in Blacktown. With a professional team that looks after your supplies, installations and after care for desiccant and refrigerant air dryers.

OEMs in Blacktown trust us for our expert’ assistance with our in-depth knowledge and experience. We have been providing compressed air dryers to businesses Blacktown for over 20 years

Advice That Industries Rely On

At Industrial Air Systems, we take care of our clients. We are a strong team of technicians, electricians and refrigeration mechanics that are ready to assist businesses in finding the best solution for their compressed air systems. Our reliable advice, audits and recommendations have helped OEMs get the most out of their systems with better energy efficiency and prime performance for the highest return on your investment.

Our experts assist you with understanding your requirements and recommending a compressed air dryer in Blacktown that meets them.

Desiccant Air Dryers

  • Applications: Used for ultra-dry air in applications that need it like food & beverage, metal finishing and chemicals.
  • How It Works: Desiccant air dryers have one or two towers that the pressurised air is pushed through. Using a desiccant material, humidity in the air gets absorbed and later released through heat, movement or air depending on the type of desiccant dryer.
  • Benefits: Desiccant compressed air dryers in Blacktown very consistently achieve a low dew point, which makes them an ideal choice for applications that require these conditions.

Refrigerated Air Dryers

  • Applications: Refrigerated air dryers are used for higher dew point applications like operating machinery and general use compressors.
  • How It Works: Cooling temperatures are used in the air dryer to create condensation from the air, then water is drained away through the bottom valve.
  • Benefits: These compressed air dryers are the most cost-effective in Blacktown, with cheaper costs upfront, on maintenance and operation.

Energy Efficient Solutions

Part of what our company does at Industrial Air Systems, is help our clients achieve the most energy efficient solution for their applications. For this purpose, attaining the right compressed air dryer in Blacktown is important. By selecting a unit that delivers the air pressure that your applications require, you can rest assured that you won’t pay more than you need to later when it’s in operation. Another possible problem is going for a system that cannot deliver on the heavy output that it needs.

Our technicians assist you by providing an appropriate solution that gives you the type of performance your pneumatics need. We can also assist you with optimising solutions such as units with Variable Speed Drive (VSD) technology that lets you flexibly adjust pressure, or central control units that streamline the operation process.

At Industrial Air Systems, we are the team of experts that is intent on really delivering. This is why our clients stay on with as proud partners in business.

From Concept to Installation

Placing new or replacement compressed air dryers in Blacktown is a process. At Industrial Air Systems, we take pride in delivering great solutions. Our experts ensure they take down your specifications, requirements and have a visit of the site. If you need guidance in understanding the proper parameters of what your factory or industrial plant needs, we can assist there too.

With this information, our technicians work with you to create a design and installation plan before we supply and install the equipment, as well as provide maintenance and back up services to keep your machinery going.

Do you require the specialised assistance of installing or servicing a compressed air dryer in Blacktown? Please feel welcome to call us on 0490 383 616 or email With our high commitment to safety, quality and helping our clients ensure a high level of integrity throughout their industrial applications, we maintain great working relationships. We’re looking forward to looking after your compressed air needs too.