Industrial Air Dryer Solutions

Industrial Air Systems provides compressed air dryers tailored to the needs of your business.

Compressed air dryers are an essential component of pressurised air systems (pneumatics) in factories and industrial plants. Air dryers protect your pneumatic infrastructure from condensation damage by de-humidifying your pressurised air. It also reduces contamination of your compressed air, for higher quality products.

Our professional team at Industrial Air Systems can provide your business industrial air dryers that are acutely suited to your applications. With technologically innovative features and expertise that industries rely on, we have assisted our clients with air drying solutions that have cut energy usage by 65%!

Now you can rely on our expert assistance and the best air dryer solutions in St marys and all over Sydney for your facilities, with results that help your bottom line.

Get a Solution from the Experts

Expertise that guides you

When you are investing in important infrastructure for your business, it is crucial that you get the right solution. Every business, their applications and their end products are different. Which means your ideal solution for a compressed air dryer will be too. Our experts work with you to find out your requirements such as needed pressure, energy use, and air quality.

We then make recommendations for air dryers with technological features that meet your needs, design a plan, and complete your installation.

We have worked with clients in industries such as:

  • Medical & Pharmaceuticals
  • Food & Beverage
  • Construction
  • Automotive
  • Agriculture
  • Technology
  • Chemicals

Ask our team for more assistance. We can help you find an industrial air dryer suited to the needs of your industry.

Our Range of Air Dryer Solutions

Have confidence in an air dryer suited to your industrial applications

Desiccant Air Dryers – Air drying through absorbent materials that specifically designed for maximum efficiency and performance. A common choice for industrial applications that require greater air purity, such as pharmaceuticals, paint, or food & beverage.

  • Achieve ultra-dry air
  • Suitable for cold and highly humid atmospheres
  • Suitable for dew points down to minus 70 degrees Celsius
  • Control and monitoring systems that ensure optimal performance

Refrigerated Air Dryers – These industrial air dryers present a cost-effective standard suitable for most manufacturing applications. Refrigerated air dryers cool pressured air to remove condensation which is then caught in a water trap and removed from the air system. It’s a simple, robust solution that has assisted many businesses, factories and industrial plants.

  • Great for general purpose manufacturing and services
  • Competitive upfront costs
  • Cheaper maintenance and operation costs
  • Plug and play installations

Authorised Atlas Copco Distributor

Our partner in serving the Australian workforce with reliable engineering

Atlas Copco is a global manufacturer of air compressors and other related industrial equipment. Founded in 1873, it found a home in Australia in 1950. Since then, they have engineered high quality equipment that has helped customers gain reliable operations, optimal productivity and save on minimising their costs with smarter energy use.

We have proudly partnered with Atlas Copco compressed air equipment, such as our air dryers, to help empower the Australian industry. Staff are that are experienced and knowledgeable in distributing the right equipment that businesses require.

Professional Dryer Installations

Our reliable installations will see that your industrial air dryer is fixed to your facilities properly. We carry out projects from start to finish, from concept planning considering your requirements to the end installation. You can be confident of the best performance, energy efficiency and life of your machine!

Have you been looking for a suitable air-drying solution for your air compressor nearby Sydney or St Marys region? Get the personalised and honest advice you need from our technicians at Industrial Air Systems. We provide a full solution, with all the equipment and services to take care of your compressed air needs. Call us on 0490 383 616 or email us at to get a free quote!