Compressed Air Dryers in Western Sydney

Industrial Air Systems has got all your compressed air dryer requirements in Western Sydney covered

Compressed air dryers are essential across a wide span of industrial applications. Moisture present in pressured air or gas systems can freeze pipelines, escalate metal corrosion, and create other strains on the equipment. Therefore, where compressed air is in an industry, the need for a compressed air dryer is there too.

Our company’s specialists are factory trained and have a thorough understanding of these systems. Which makes us effective in assisting clients with the most suitable compressed air dryers in Western Sydney, for their application.

Air Drying Solutions from the Experts

We provide the answer that delivers on your company’s applications, requirements, installation space and budget. With a range of desiccant and refrigerant compressed air dryers in Western Sydney, suited for your business’s applications.

Our experts will assist you in attaining the right compressed air dryer solution, with honest advice and expertise.

Install Desiccant Air Dryers – The Top Performer in Air Drying

Achieve super dry air, even in locations with colder climates or facilities with a high count of moisture in the air. Desiccant air dryers are popularly used for applications in medical, pharmaceutical, food processing, metal finishing, and paint lines.

The Way it Works: Desiccant air dryers dry the air from a compressed air system with a de-humidifying and absorbent material layer. It can come in either a single tower or double tower variety, but the latter is more common. The moisture accumulates, and one of three processes is used to expel the liquid, based on the type of desiccant air dryer:

  • Heated: Using heat to run and drain off water.
  • Heatless: Uses the excess air to expel moisture.
  • Compression-heated: Uses the heat of the compression to expel and run off water.

Install Refrigerant Air Dryers – Eco-Friendly and Energy-Efficient

Perfectly suitable for general purpose applications, refrigerant air dryers are often the standard in manufacturing and service industries. They make the perfect investment for general compressed air applications.

The Way it Works: Refrigerant air dryers use cooling temperatures to create condensation on the interior surface of the air dryer, which then falls into a water trap where it can be discharged.

Minutest Dryer Installations

We finish your customised solution for a compressed air dryer in Western Sydney with carefully planned and executed installations. Our specialists pay utmost care in producing, delivering, and installing your new equipment in a way that will optimise your current system, leaving you with the best compressed air dryer for your industrial processes.

Fast Air Dryer Repairs

The efficiency of your compressed air dryer has a direct influence on compressed air quality and the overall health of the supporting system. As the filtration part of your air compressor system, it requires more frequent maintenance than other components. Therefore, at Industrial Air System, we also provide full compressed air dryer services to give our clients peace of mind regarding the health and smooth operation of their compressor time and time again.

Why Us?

Industrial Air System specialists are factory trained and have a thorough understanding of all the components and functions of a compressed air system. Our staff have developed the abilities essential to deliver you total satisfaction with our work; and we continuously endeavour to innovate to provide you with the finest solutions possible.

If you ever have a compressed air dryer emergency or need a new air-drying solution for your workplace in Western Sydney, you can be certain that we will be delighted to assist you. For a FREE quote, call us at 0490 383 616 now.